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  • Saving you the most precious resource of all: Time.

    Our founder, Kenzo Adachi, had a vision. To build “the truck the world needs today.” With Croner, that legacy continues. From the robust engineering and efficient driveline to its smart and modern design, Croner is made to save you time. Croner is built to go the extra mile. So you can go the extra mile, too.

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    It’s just not the same without Genuine Parts

    Call us on (+230) 405 9903 for more information.

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    View current and previous issues of Roads, the UD Trucks customer magazine.

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    Made to go the extra mile

    The new Quester excels on endurance. It's a reliable truck – durable and easy to maintain and with outstanding fuel efficiency. And it's a complete solution with first-class service and genuine parts you can trust.

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    It’s just not the same without Genuine Parts

    Call us on (+230) 405 9903 for more information.

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    Moving you forward

    With the Quon Range, UD Trucks has taken the lead in the ekiden race towards ultimate transport efficiency.

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    New UD Experience Center opens in Japan UD Headquarters

    To commemorate its 80th anniversary, UD Trucks is opening a “UD Experience Center” within the test course of the Ageo Headquarters in Saitama, Japan.

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    UD Trucks heritage

    At UD we have a passion for Ultimate Dependability. To always run the extra mile in everything we do. To excel on the things that make a real difference for our customers. Our journey began 75 years ago, with a vision and a legendary test drive. A 3,000km run, through heart breaking mountain roads for 13 days, to prove the durability of our first truck before bringing it to the market. Our founder took the wheel himself, because of his vision—to make “the truck the world needs today”; durable, efficient trucks with Ultimate Dependability.

    This passion to make that extra effort is our gemba spirit. The gemba is the front line. It’s being at the place where the real action is, where the value is created, from manufacturing plants to dealerships and customer sites. It’s the way our people work— professional, passionate and dependable. It’s our expertise in the field and the insights gained from our people on the ground. It’s the foundation of UD Trucks that lives on to this day.

    This philosophy of going the extra mile was passed on as our proud heritage, and can be seen in the products we make. Like the groundbreaking “UD” engine in the 1950s that gave us the name which we have proudly put on our trucks ever since. Like the powerful and beautiful 6TW equipped with the UD engine, the ultimate dependability of those times.


    The same aspiration lead us to launch our heavy duty champion Quon and be the first truck maker in the world to commercialize the ‘Urea SCR system’, the convention breaking technology which was first met with skepticism but is now a global standard solution to meet today’s environmental challenges. In growth markets around the world, our customers face the challenges of increasing fuel prices, high competitive pressure, and a need for dependable payback on their investments. To meet those needs we launched Quester, a truck made to go the extra mile.

    This is what we at UD Trucks offers. Modern efficient trucks with smart design. Vehicles with first-class fuel efficiency, reliability and durability, which combined with our extra mile support means uptime and low operational costs for our customers. UD is the smart customer’s smart choice. In the end, the real winners are the ones who keep on running—the ones who can go the extra mile. Consistently and reliably, mile after mile, year after year.The road we came hasn’t always been an easy race, bumpy and winding, running into canyons and creeks, but we are fighters, always climbing up again to the top of the hill. Now, combining the best of three worlds, we have what we need to deliver the trucks and services the world needs today. With our Japanese heritage ensuring craftsmanship, quality and service mindset.


    With access to world-class technology and global resources by being part of one of the world’s largest commercial vehicle groups, inspiring us to be smart and modern around the globe.