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  • Saving you the most precious resource of all: Time.

    Our founder, Kenzo Adachi, had a vision. To build “the truck the world needs today.” With Croner, that legacy continues. From the robust engineering and efficient driveline to its smart and modern design, Croner is made to save you time. Croner is built to go the extra mile. So you can go the extra mile, too.

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    It’s just not the same without Genuine Parts

    Call us on (+230) 405 9903 for more information.

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    View current and previous issues of Roads, the UD Trucks customer magazine.

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    Made to go the extra mile

    The new Quester excels on endurance. It's a reliable truck – durable and easy to maintain and with outstanding fuel efficiency. And it's a complete solution with first-class service and genuine parts you can trust.

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    It’s just not the same without Genuine Parts

    Call us on (+230) 405 9903 for more information.

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    Moving you forward

    With the Quon Range, UD Trucks has taken the lead in the ekiden race towards ultimate transport efficiency.

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    New UD Experience Center opens in Japan UD Headquarters

    To commemorate its 80th anniversary, UD Trucks is opening a “UD Experience Center” within the test course of the Ageo Headquarters in Saitama, Japan.

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    Genuine Parts - Every part matters


    ABC MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED is the official representative of UD Trucks vehicle in Mauritius, and it is always striving to offer its customers the lowest lifecycle costs in the industry. The key factor to this is the timely and effective supply of UD Trucks Genuine Parts, which in turn help to decrease the unnecessary breakdowns or failures.

    When you purchase a UD Trucks vehicle, the quality is inherent in every part and component, as the company continuously ensures that the complete vehicle adheres to stringent quality measures.

    Purchasing a truck or bus is an important investment and thus you need a reliable vehicle which will give you unconditional support for your business. UD Trucks understands these areas of concern and is able to offer customers complete solutions, no matter the size of their business.

    Our largest fleet customer, a public transport company, with over 180 UD Trucks vehicles, which is fully maintained in our workshops with UD Trucks Genuine Parts, has proven its reliability and long term cost effectiveness.

    ABC MOTORS COMPANY LIMITED also offers a range of UD Trucks merchandise such as caps, pens, water bottle, scarves, pen and pencil set, mugs and cooler bags. These merchandise together with your UD Trucks vehicle will accompany you during your journey and will make you live the UD Trucks experience fully.

    UD Genuine Parts are guaranteed to:

    • Meet UD Trucks vehicle specifications
    • Fit perfectly and work right the first time
    • Deliver superior quality, provide the latest specifications
    • Ensure that your UD vehicle stays UD, through and through

    UD Genuine Parts are designed to work in harmony with existing equipment-which is why we say, “every part matters.”